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The Ancestry of Heidi Halfaker Goodsite

This web site is all about my lifelong passion, genealogy.  As a child, I literally drove my parents and grandparents crazy asking questions about their ancestry.  I was surprised how little they could actually recall, however much of what I have included in this web site (especially my most recent ancestors) are from my memory of what they told me.  I have been blessed by connecting with 'cousins' all over the world to help me fill in a lot of the holes I had in certain sections of my ancestry and I thank them all for their help and friendship over the past 7 years. 

My parents and grandparents inspired me to achieve great things in my lifetime.  I hope they would be proud of this web site and of the research I have done.  I can't say that I have found anything so extraordinary about my ancestry, but all these people were unique and all contributed to this world while they were here.  I am proud of them and when I think of how circumstances brought them together so that one day I would exist, it baffles my mind!

I hope that you enjoy reading these pages as much as I have enjoyed researching and writing them.   

I am dedicating this site to my extraordinary parents, Dwight and Dorothea for their loving support during the precious time I had them with me on earth.  I miss them deeply and hope to honor them with this site.  I also want to dedicate this site to my granddaughters, who have given me a reason to look toward the future with hope and joy. 

Hopefully, this web site will live on after me to serve as a connection for my descendants.  Hurrah for the Internet!! 

Maternal Ancestry:
Female Side - Back 15 generations!
Abrams Family  
Andersson Family I
Andersson Family II 
Arthur Family
Brodin Family
Buzzard Family
Crawford Family
Drake Family
Ellis Family
Ersson Family
Friend Family
Gundmunson Family
Hansson Family
Hindersson Family
Jansson Family
Jonsson Family I
Jonsson Family II
Karlsson Family
Larsson Family I
Larsson Family II
Larsson Family III
Leonard Family
Mattson Family
Nilsson Family
Olsson Family I
Olsson Family II
Olsson Family III
Olsson Family IV
Persson Family
 Radabaugh Family
Rangvaldsson  Family
Stout Family
Throckmorton Family
Trulsson Family

Paternal Ancestry:
Bales Family I
Bales Family II
Barrick/Berg Family
Beverforden Family
Dille Family
Eshleman Family
Frey Family
Halfaker Family
Hinnenkamp Family
Jones Family
Kampmann Family
Keller Family
Kleiss Family
Kramer Family
Lee Family
Lerch Family
Levering Family
Linebaugh Family
Nein Family
Norton Family
Poston Family
Slaybaugh Family
Spencer Family
Strootmann Family

My Daughters' Ancestry:
Their Father's Surnames

Huffaker Research
Swedish Ancestry
Pictures from my visit to Sweden
Letters from Korea
My Elusive Ancestors
My Picks For Great Genealogy Web Sites

All the information contained on these pages is believed to be true to the best of my knowledge.  My web site will always be under construction as I will continue to find more information about my family as time goes on.  If you have any further information about any of the people on these pages, please contact me. Thanks for visiting!!

When I moved my genealogy site from Tripod in March 2004, there were over 20,000 'visits' documented.