Anders Petter and Anna Matilda Jonsson

Anders Petter Jonsson was born April 11, 1847 Hovmanstorp, Sköldinge, Södermanland, Sweden.  He married Anna Matilda Janssdotter around 1873.  Anna Matilda was born March 1, 1854 in Myran, Råby-Rekarne, Södermanland, Sweden.

In 1886, they departed from Sköldinge, Sweden with their four children; Per, Tekla, Anna, and Linea.  On the immigrant information it states that their destination was Pierce City, Missouri.  I do not know why they would have picked this location, but there is a Swedeborg, Missouri that is fairly close to this location where many Swedes settled.  Before long, the family moved to Colorado and bought land in Kit Carson in Cheyenne County.  They lived the remainder of their lives there.  I have several pictures of them and some of their children which were given to me by one of their granddaughters, Helen.

This is a picture of the Johnson Family with their first car circa 1925.  Anders Petter and Anna Matilda are seated on the running board.  Arthur Johnson is on the left and his wife and family are gathered around.  Charles Johnson is standing by his mother.  A neighbor is in the background.

The Johnson Family (as they changed their name after coming to America) were fairly successful farmers in Colorado.  Anders Petter and Anna Matilda had the following children:

Per Gustaf Jonsson (Peter Johnson) b: 1876
Tekla Matilda Jonsson b: September 23, 1878
Anna Jonsson b: 1882
Mary Linea Jonsson b: 1885

Children born in United States:
Charles Johnson b: abt. 1887
Elmer Johnson b: December 25, 1888
Arthur Johnson b: December 25, 1888

The Johnson Children in 1958. From left; Elmer, Charlie, Arthur, Peter (Per), and Anna >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Around 1931, my Grandmother Olga Peterson went to visit them in Colorado with my mother.  My mother was only 2 years old at the time, but still remembers the love she felt when she visited her family in Colorado.



<<<<<Anders Petter Johnson in Colorado around 1925.

Anders Petter died on March 6, 1932 in Kit Carson, Colorado.  Anna Matilda died July 15, 1936 also in Kit Carson, Colorado.  They never returned to Sweden once they left in 1886.

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