Jansson Family

My mor mor mor mor far far far.

Generation 1:
Johan Thomasson
born: 1726
died: February 8, 1805 in Väsby, Östergården, Tumbo, Södermanland, SWE
married: December 30, 1782
Anna Greta Persdotter
born: November 11, 1759

Generation 2:
Johan Johansson Sör
born: March 27, 1786 in Wäsby, Tumbo, Södermanland, SWE
died: November 17, 1843 in Sörby soldattorp, Tumbo, Södermanland, SWE
Britta Andersdotter
born: July 29, 1789 in Kolsved, Torshälla, Södermanland, SWE
died: September 27, 1871 in Kvarntorp, Tumbo, Södermanland, SWE

Generation 3:
Jan (Johan) Jansson
born: February 15, 1822 in Sörby ägor, Tumbo, Södermanland, SWE
Christina Elisabet Brodin
born: July 22, 1819 in Brottgårdens ägor, Björskog, Västmanland, SWE
died: ?

Generation 4:
Anna Matilda Jansdotter
born: March 1, 1854 in Myran, Råby-Rekarne, Södermanland, SWE
died: July 15, 1936 in Kit Carson, Cheyenne Co., CO
Anders Petter Jonsson
born: April 11, 1847 in Hovmanstorp, Sköldinge, Södermanland, SWE
died: March 6, 1932 in Kit Carson, Cheyenne Co., CO

Generation 5:
Tekla Matilda Jonsson (Johnson)
born: September 23, 1878 in Hovmanstorp, Sköldinge, Södermanland, SWE
died: April 4, 1918 in St. Louis Co., MO
married: April 18, 1896 in Pulaski Co., MO
Alfred Ejudias Peterson
born: July 31, 1869 in Åslemåla, Ålem Parish, Mönsterås, Kalmar, SWE
died: May 18, 1940 in St. Louis Co., MO

Generation 6:
Olga Linnea Peterson
born: November 27, 1899 in Johnson Co., MO
died: July 6, 1979 in Crawford Co., MO
married: January 28, 1928 in St. Louis Co., MO
Charles Donald Crawford
born: June 17, 1905 in Gasconade Co., MO
died: April 11, 1978 in Crawford Co., MO

Generation 7:
Dorothea Ethel Crawford
born: August 10, 1929 in St. Louis Co., MO
died: March 2, 2000 in Crawford Co., MO
married: February 17, 1956 in Crawford Co., MO
Dwight Herman Halfaker
born: September 19, 1932 in Crawford Co., MO
died: September 20, 1998 in Audrain Co., MO

Generation 8:
Heidi Alyce Halfaker
born: January 28, 1957 in Phelps Co., MO (living)
married: September 8, 1979 in Crawford Co., MO
Thomas Eugene Goodsite born: September 22, 1955 in Huron Co., OH

If you think we are related or have any additional information on the ancestors listed above, please email Heidi

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