Levi Bales & Susannah Keller

Levi and Susannah were both born in Greene Co., Tennesee and both died in Shelby Co., Illinois.  Susannah's father, David Keller was one of the first landowners in Shelby Co.  I can only assume that Levi and Susannah followed David to Illinois. 

Susannah was born on August 31, 1810 and died on September 10, 1872.  Levi was born on June 15, 1810 and died January 25, 1866.  They were married on February 2, 1827 in Tennesee.  They had the following children:

Hannah b: 1820
Chrissy b:1827
Rachel b: 1829
Mary b: 1833
"Eliza Louiza" b: 1836
Delitha b: 1839
Malinda b: 1843
Jane b: 1844
Nancy b: 1847
Louis b: 1847

This is most of what I know about this family.  If you have any further information of any of these children or parents, please email me.

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