Sampson Halfaker
Susannah Slaybaugh
Unfortunately, it has been really hard to "track down" either one of these ancestors.  Most of the information that I have is from a "cousin" who has done extensive research on the Halfaker/Halfacre name and can only speculate about many of the details of these two individuals.  I am working with a Slaybaugh descendant who may allow me to find Susannah's roots.
Most of my information has come from another descendant of Sampson.  W.L. Schaich wrote an extensive family history called "The Halfaker Book."  He is descended from Sampson's son, William Henry Halfaker.  The following information was taken from his book.

Sampson Halfaker was born in Washington Co., Virginia, the date of his birth is unknown.  His parents were Henry Halfaker and Mary "Polly" Barrick.  According to Johnson Co., Indiana land records, Henry was one of the original landowners in this area.

Sampson Halfaker was married twice according to court documents.  He was first married to Martha Russell (Marriage license records of Johnson Co., Indiana dated 23 November 1831).  From this marriage the following children were born:

Thomas Halfaker
Rebecca Ann Halfaker
Mary Halfaker
Addison Halfaker

Martha obtained a divorce from Sampson in March 1844 according to Civil Order Book 3, page 406 of Johnson Co. in Franklin, Indiana.  Martha also retained custody of the couple's four children.  Martha later remarried a man named Isaac Davis on 25 June 1849.

On June 4, 1841 Sampson married Susannah Slaybaugh. From this marriage the following children were born:

William Henry Halfaker  b: April 20, 1842
Louis Daniel Halfaker  b: January 12, 1848
Ann Catherine Halfaker  b: unknown

Sampson died on May 11, 1848.  No information on where he died or where he is buried is known.  My great great grandfather, Louis Daniel (L.D.) was not quite five months old when his father died.

Susannah Slaybaugh was born on February 24, 1826 in Pennsylvania.  Many Slaybaughs are listed in the censuses of different counties in Pennsylvania, but I have not yet found a connection to them.  This is taken from the Shelby Co., Indiana census.

30 Aug. 1850
Page 250 Jackson Twp.
498 509
Nancy Slaybaugh 46 Penn.
Samuel..........23 Penn.
Lucy A..........19  Ohio
Josiah..........16  Ohio
Voluntine.......13 Ind.
Susanna Halfacre 25  Penn.
Wm. .............8  Ind
Daniel...........3  Ind

I would have to assume that Nancy Slaybaugh is Susannah's mother.  But, who was her father?  I believe it may be Daniel Slaybaugh the son of George and Rosina Eshleman Slaybaugh, but I am not sure.  Susannah was living with her mother, Nancy after the death of her husband, Sampson.  Another assumption is that my great great grandfather, Louis Daniel was named after his grandfather, Daniel. 

Susannah went on to marry twice more.  First to George W. Miller on April 4, 1858 in Johnson Co., Indiana and later to Noah M. Harvey in Marion Co., Indiana.  We know of no children from either of these marriages  Susannah died January 8, 1900 in Marion Co., IN.

Much of the information on this page has been fully documented by W. L. Schaich who is a descendant of William Henry Halfaker.
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