Pictures of my Ancestral Homes in Sweden

Please click on the small pictures to see the real beauty of Sweden!!

Picture of the church at Råby-Rekarne, Södermanland, Sweden where my great great grandmother, Anna Matilda Jansdotter Jonsson was baptized.

Inside the home of Anna Matilda Jansdotter Jonsson where she was born in Myran, Råby-Rekarne, Södermanland, SWE

This is the church at Björskog, Västmanland, Sweden where most of my earliest ancestors would have been baptized, married and buried at.  The Swedes take great pride in their churches and most that I saw were marvelous!!

The following pictures were taken while I visited Örbega, Björskog, Västmanland, Sweden.  My ancestors lived at Örbega as early as 1675 and it was in the family until the early 1900's.  Sweden is a magnificently beautiful country and this area was one of the most beautiful that I saw.

It was a magnificent July day when this picture was taken outside the home of my great grandmother, Tekla's mother's side.  This would have been the home and birthplace of my mor mor's mor's mor's mor's mor's far's far's far's far's far.

This is a picture of the back of the main house.  They have built onto the front and the upstairs was added in later years also.

This is a small home that is also located at Örbega, Björskog, Västmanland, Sweden.  Probably where the older people lived after their children had grown and married and moved into the larger home above.

This is a close up of the stones that were laid by hand at the home above.  I marveled at the lovely colors and of the fact that one of my ancestors probably moved this huge piece of stone and formed this nice little patio.


This was an old stove that was built into the home above for cooking, probably two centuries ago.


This is the view from the back of the main house.  Some of these buildings were probably built in the early 1800's.

According to this old gentleman whose name was Nilsson, he bought the property from another descendant of the family when this descendant had no sons to run the farm.  He had only daughters and they had no interest in keeping the farm.  This is right outside of the huge 'barn' where they had a nice root cellar to store vegetables over the long Swedish winters.

This was the ceiling of the 'wash building' where they cleaned their clothes....I was fascinated by the old planks and those with me estimated that they had been there for at least two hundred years....which meant that one of my ancestors probably cut the trees and made the planks and built the building....An 'awesome' feeling for me!!!

This is a very flat area and I thought this view was marvelous.  My ancestors probably looked at a very similar view from their property centuries ago.

Johan Johansson Sör, my great grandmother, Tekla's mother's father's father would have lived here when his son, Jan (Johan) Jansson was born.  This is Sörby ägor, Tumbo, Södermanland, SWE

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